Two New Teleport Commands Added

We’ve added two new “Town Teleport” commands to all the Rust servers.

These work instantly to teleport you and there’s no cooldown period or limit so you can use them as much as you like. We may add limits if we feel they’re being abused.

/ttb ~ Teleports you to the Bandit Camp.

/tto ~ Teleports you to the Outpost.

You can see these, plus all the other player commands on the Rust commands page.



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Loot Tables Project part 1

Loot Tables Project part 1

We've been doing a lot of work on the loot tables as they didn't seem good enough to us. It's a big project and it's going to go on for a while before we're all going to be happy with it.

Part 1 of the loot updates went live yesterday on all servers and was noticed almost straight away (hi, LordsOfFlatbush). There's still a lot of work to be done as we get to grips with it all. For example, we're going to redistribute the loot in barrels so that loot in barrels found at monuments, pylons and roads is different to loot found in barrels at or near caves, out in the open, and electricity sub-stations. We'll do the same for crates if we can - we're limited as to the distribution of loot by FacePunch and their container types. I personally think we could do with a few more that only spawn in certain locations like the elite, codelockedhackable, and bradley crates, but we'll have to wait for FacePunch to do that one day. It would make our life easier.

Until such a day happens, in the meantime I've also been thinking about how we can add special loot to certain fixed locations such as the oil rig, to make it worth raiding. At the moment, the loot on the oil rig is no better than can be found at other (easier to get) places, so there isn't much incentive to do it other than to say "I was there."

legleg pointed me in the direction of a couple of plugins that look like they would let us do that. The only downside to using them is we'd have to set it all up manually just after wipe, as the monthly wipe and map changes mean the locations of monuments like the oil rig change too. We'd have to do that for every server every month, so if we do go down that route we want a solid, easy to follow process that takes a few minutes to complete per server.

This stuff isn't as easy as it might seem you know. 😉

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DarkHour Open

The DarkHour game network is now officially open. 😉

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