Rust Servers

All servers wipe on the first Thursday of every month. No, we don't know the exact time, it's always up to FacePunch and how quickly they can get their new builds out.

PvE Rust Server - steam://connect/

x5 gather PvE plus experience increases and a lot of loot in barrels and chests (no junk) on a monthly wipe cycle on the first Thursday of the month. Map:

Solo PvP Server
- steam://connect/

x10 gather SOLO PvP - this means SINGLE players only, no teams. If we catch you teaming or co-operating with other players in any way (sharing without using /trade, raiding together, fetching stuff etc), you will be banned permanently from ALL our Rust servers. Because it's just not fair on other SOLO players is it? And we're watching closely in several ways. Trading between players via /trade is permitted, but that's it. Map:

Duo PvP Server
- steam://connect/

x10 gather Duo PvP - TWO-PLAYER teams only - allying with other teams to form a larger clan will earn you a permanent ban on all our Rust servers. The server wipes on the first Thursday night of every month. Map: