Rust – When is Wipe

The date? All server wipes are on the FIRST THURSDAY OF THE MONTH.

The time? FacePunch don’t know and neither do we.

I imagine the reason they don’t know is because of the process they take. Instead of doing the build on a Wednesday and letting the Oxide/umod devs have a copy of what’s being released at a fixed time of say 5.00pm GMT/BST, they do the build on a Thursday and have to wait until it’s finished. Sometimes it takes several hours to compile, sometimes it doesn’t, and sometimes it fails and they have to do it again, which is why they never know.

That means the time could be as early as 6.00pm on a Thursday, or sometimes it’s in the early hours of Friday morning, which is painful to say the least.

It would be nice if FacePunch could get their act together.